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Who We Are

Welcome to Legacy Lifestyle Enterprises LLC, your premier executive branding agency nestled in the heart of Orlando, FL! We're all about crafting exceptional branding experiences for our valued clients. Our mission is to assist entrepreneurs in embracing The Legacy Lifestyle – a lifestyle defined by Longevity, Entrepreneurship, Gratitude, Authenticity, Consistency, & Yielding.

We firmly believe in a broader concept of liberation that goes beyond just managing your time; it's about enriching time itself. The key lies in creating passive income streams that provide the freedom and flexibility to focus on life's essential aspects. This is the essence of the Legacy Lifestyle.

Entrepreneurs who adopt the Legacy Lifestyle not only gain control over their schedules but also prioritize what matters most to them. Strategically integrating sustainable revenue channels fortifies their brands with robust passive income streams, allowing them to enjoy the luxury of more time for the things they value most.

Let us be your guides in building a thriving brand with sustainable passive income channels. Ready to begin your branding journey? Schedule a brand consultation today, and together, let's take your brand from vision to reality!

Our Story

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What is the Legacy Lifestyle?
The L.E.G.A.C.Y Lifestyle is about creating a life that allows you the time and flexibility to prioritize what matters most. We accomplish this by assisting our clients with building profitable, sustainable brands that are fortified with passive income streams. L.E.G.A.C.Y is actually an acronym that embodies the outcome we desire for all of our clients (Longevity, Entrepreneurship, Gratitude, Authenticity, Consistency, Yielding). The Legacy Lifestyle is for you if you want a life of...


Get the tools to not only start but  build and maintain your brand.


Own your own business, set your own schedule and build wealth on your own terms. 


Develop the attitude and character necessary to attract the life you desire.


Accomplish your dreams without compromising your authenticity & attract your tribe.


Develop the character and discipline to stay the course until you get results.


Produce not only financial results but generational impact by building wealth.

Our Lifestyle

The Visionary

At the heart of Legacy Lifestyle Enterprises beats the rhythm of our CEO's  journey—a journey ignited by a profound desire to bridge the gap between dreams and reality. The genesis of this enterprise traces back to a pivotal moment in 2014 when Oksana witnessed the relentless tragedy of unemployment, financial struggles, and the daunting quest for direction that engulfed her family, friends, and associates. This experience sparked a revelation— that many harbored dreams and visions, yet lacked the guidance, strategy, and tools to manifest them into existence.

As a beacon of inspiration, Oksana ventured into uncharted territory, dedicating herself to providing the education and strategies necessary to breathe life into dormant aspirations. Unbeknownst to her, this venture unveiled a hidden passion—a determination for helping others articulate their visions, perfect their brand story and create a distinct brand identity. After years spent as a freelance brand specialist, brand strategist, corporate creative director, and operations manager the moment to officially launch Legacy Lifestyle Enterprises arrived.

Having walked the intricate path of entrepreneurship herself, Oksana intimately comprehends the challenges and triumphs that mark the journey. It is this understanding that fuels her fervor—a passion to cultivate a space where entrepreneurs can be armed with knowledge and empowered to manifest their dreams unapologetically. Oksana's mission extends beyond business; it's about unlocking the potential within individuals, guiding them to fulfill their purpose, and proving that the life they envision is not merely a mirage.

Through the lens of branding, Oksana imparts transformative lessons. She doesn't just teach her clients about logos and taglines; she guides them to own their stories, breathe life into their dreams, and become catalysts of inspiration for others. Legacy Lifestyle Enterprises is not merely a brand agency; it's a vessel of empowerment, a conduit through which dreams are crystallized, stories are told, and lives are profoundly impacted. Oksana Tademy invites you to embark on a journey where the canvas of your aspirations is painted with the vibrant hues of possibility, purpose, and the unyielding spirit of the Legacy Lifestyle.

Legacy Lifestyle Enterprises Owner
Our Visionary


Our Mission & Vision
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Our Mission

To empower entrepreneurs to live the legacy lifestyle by turning their visions into a profitable brand.

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Our Vision

For entrepreneurs to elevate their quality of life through the creation of enduring brands that leave lasting legacies and create generational impact."


Our company stands on 5 core values that serve as our commitment to each client. As a client, you can rest assured that your experience will exemplify the following attributes.

Our Values


We are committed to operating in excellence and providing a memorable client experience.



We are committed to providing quality services that meet or exceed the expectations of our clients.



We are committed to operating in  honesty and integrity when servicing our clients. 



We are committed to creating assets and content that is exclusive and unique to each and every client.



We are committed to remaining authentic & transparent with our clients.

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