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Logo Suite Package

Logo Suite Package

Excluding Sales Tax

Free Consultation: The client will have a free 15-minute consultation to discuss their professional needs. Upon the review of those needs, a quote will be sent to the client who can then determine how they would like to proceed.


Logo Session: Client will have a 15 minute logo session to determine specifications of the design


Brand Style Guide: Get a brand overview guide that showcases your brand's logo, fonts, color palette, and inspirations!


Logo Design Suite: Logo in 2 versions (submark included), transparent background, and multiple color options


Animated Logo: an animated version of the client's logo to use in video promotions


Note: png-files of all designs with and without transparent background, and mockups for designs included. Your designs will be created and reviewed by our brand agency team to ensure the highest quality. 


Branding Revision Session: Upon the completion of the brand designs, the client will meet via zoom to look over the design drafts together. After the session, final drafts will be created and one revision form containing all desired changes to the designs may be submitted and the changes made at no additional cost. Once the revision form is submitted, any further revisions will be subject to additional pricing.


Full Ownership Rights: Upon the completion of the design and the receipt of the final payment, the client reserves full rights of their design to use however they desire. This company will reserve the right to use the design as intellectual property for promotional and portfolio purposes.


By submitting a payment, the client agrees to the terms listed herein. Once payment is made, the client will be able to download an agreement overview listing all items included, terms, and conditions. A personalized paid invoice copy will be sent to the client following their purchase. 

  • File Types

    Clients will receive images in high-quality png, jpg and pdf format and video in either mp4 or mov format. Logos will be sent in png format with both transparent and colored backgrounds. A mockup will also be included.

  • Terms & Conditions

    Legal Terms & Conditions

    Special Offers: 

    Special offers are only valid for the specified amount of time on standard or recurring services. Once the quote expires, so does the special offer. Once the offer expires the quote is subject to change. Special offer/discounted prices must be paid upfront.  


    Payment is due upon receipt. Services must be paid upfront in full. Payments are non-refundable. There are no exceptions. Clients will have an opportunity to make free revisions according to their selected package. Once the work is revised and the final payment is sent, no further FREE revisions will be made and no refunds will be given. Payments can be made via invoice or through cash app: $OksanaTademy. If paying via cash app, please be sure to include the taxes & fees that are listed in the invoice total. 


    Certain services may require a service fee for the use of special equipment or software etc. If so, the client will be notified in the invoice. Inconvenience fees may be accumulated if a client fails to cancel a paid appointment at least 24 hours in advance. In such a case, the client will be required to pay the $25 fee before another appointment can be scheduled. Likewise, if a client does not pay for completed work and wishes to solicit the services of this company again, there is an inconvenience fee which must be paid. See the 'Client Rights,' section for more details.   


    Revisions are cosmetic changes made to a project that does not compromise the original framework or foundation of the design. Revisions are free according to the amount listed in a package description. Additional revisions which are not included in a package are subject to additional pricing.  

    Graphic & Promotional Designs: 

    For standard graphic & promotional designs, the turnaround time can range from 3-7 business days for completion depending on the project. For extensive projects such as interior book designs, full branding packages etc. please allow a minimum of 14 business days for completion. Revisions will be given according to the terms stated in the package or quote.    

    Company Rights: 

    If for any reason the client fails to submit the required materials within a reasonable time frame, is suspected of any foul play, is dishonest, has suspicious conduct, participates in fraudulent activity, or is unresponsive, this company reserves the right to refuse to work with the client any further once a time period of at least 15 days has passed from the date of the initial payment without the project being completed. This only applies if the project is not completed because of the client's failure to comply. The payment will remain non-refundable. No exceptions will be made. 

    Client Rights:

    The client has the right to a free revision according to their package details. The client has the right to request additions to their package for additional costs.  The client reserves the right to have sessions included according to their package and to reschedule those sessions free of charge. However, for any additional paid sessions that are not included in a package, the client maintains the right to reschedule free of charge if notice is given at least 24 hours in advance. If notice is not given in advance, the client must pay a $25 inconvenience fee before another appointment can be scheduled.   The client has the right to own and use all work that has been paid for in full without restrictions. The client also has the right to create and utilize a free member account which they can use for exclusive contact, customer support (during business hours), exclusive appointment scheduling access, digital receipts, purchase and appointment tracking, and other members-only features. The client has the right to receive their content and to be responsible for downloading that content within 72 hours once it has been delivered. 

     I, the client, understand that by sending a payment I am agreeing to these terms.


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