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Today I have a very quick word of encouragement to share! You ready?

If all things are working together for good, that means you don’t have problems. You have pending testimonies! Let that be the lens that you view your situation through today! As you go through your circumstances, remember that you can choose to see an opportunity for growth. If there's anything life has taught me, it's that the right perspective can make the difference between victory and defeat. Choose the thoughts that you meditate on and the words you speak carefully. They will determine your outcome.


Make sure you guys check out these amazing entrepreneurs on Facebook and support their local businesses! Makeup: The Paragon Company Brows: Stenza Jae Saint Pierre of Stenza Jae Artistry, LLC. Photo Cred: Daniel Tademy of Tademy Enterprises and Tademy Network Real Estate Agent: Shai the Realtor


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