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Pouring From Pain

Throughout the years I know I've had my fair share of painful experiences. I'm sure many of us have. Whether this pain came from family, relationships, failures (lessons), careers, etc. We all have faced something in our lives that has forced us to experience pain we did not want. However, one lesson I had to learn early in life was that pain has a way of teaching and processing you in a unique way. Pain is a great indicator that there is something in you that will be harmful to your purpose unless it is addressed. Many of us run from pain. We try to mask it, to distract ourselves from it through new relationships, ventures, relocation, etc. The reality is until it is dealt with, that lesson will keep showing up in our lives. That is how cycles are formed. When you refuse to deal with pain and to learn the lesson attached to it, you make something that should have been for a season turn into a cycle.

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